Talon Play


The Talon Play (or taronplay) is a famous Japanese double capped penmod. Here is a grippy barrel version, I’ve used an Impega (Peemalux barrel).

You can find its tutorial >here< (in japanese sadly). In short, you need 2 old namae caps (extremely rare since discontinued), Needlepoint grips, signo tips, comssa barrel, drgrip grip, signo broad grips and some others small pieces of grips.

Meves [JEB] penmods

I’ve made the last week Meves penmods : Motsuun pen and his g3 mod. It’s short and medium weight mods. G3 mod is about 14gr and 19.5cm long. It’s actually my favorite single cap mod.

There are very good mod for those who like light and short mods. I advise you to try these ones.

Here is the insert used for his g3 mod




The motsuun pen tutorial is below

And the g3

FLARE Vain G-3

Hello !

This mod above was invented by Vain [JEB], used for Sephirot and JapEn 12th. The legit color is blue, mine here is full black. The stuff used to make it is quite rare, you need for example Needle point grip, Jimnie cap or Hybrid gel roller tip.

It’s a really nice g-3 mod, 19.5 cm long and 13.5 grams. If you like light G-3 mod, I guess you’ll like this one.

You can find below the japanese video tutorial (should make an english one soon on youtube too)

[Tutorial] Legit Menowa* reimei

Hello !

Today I will show you how to make the legit menowa* reimei mod 🙂

The one at the bottom

You can find his tutorial >here< on his blog.

Stats : 20 centimeters for less than 18 grams

Stuff used :
– 2 muji reimei (1 Barrel, 2 smooth caps)
– 1 Rikota highlighter (2 caps) | can be sub by thin supermagic+ caps
– 6 Zebra Tect 2way (6 metal rings) | can be sub by penzgear rings
– 2 2BALLpen&SHARPpen (2 grips) | can be sub by Zebra Z-grip
– 2 Pilot Supergrip (2 grips)
– 2 Piot G3 (2 baclplug) : it’s optional stuff
– 4 Anyball grips


Tutorial :

1- Empty your reimei barrel and keep the 2 smooth caps.

2- Take your 2ballpen&sharppen and cut as shown. Keep the smooth part.2 3 – Put these smooth parts on reimei caps as shown.
3 4- Keep the 2 caps of the Rikota marker.
4 5- Keep backplugs from Pilot G3
5 6- Keep the 6 metallic rings from Tect pencil. Disassemble them like that:
6 7 7- Push Rikota caps on the top of Reimei caps.
8 8- Cut black anyball grips as shown. Keep the 5 blocks section.
9 9- Cut your supergrip grip as shown.
10 10- Put anyball grips and supergrip grips as shown.
11 11- Fix G3 backplug on Zebra rings and put it into supergrip grip.
12 13 12- Put the rest of anyball grips as shown, and put an insert on reimei barrel.
15Put caps on the barrel, you have finished ! 🙂

[Tutorial] Nora PC2 mod

20,5 centimeters

About 17,5 grams

This tutorial is from the >Nora blog< a JeB PSer

Stuff :

– 1 Tombow Playcolor 2 (Barrel, cap w/o clip) ;
– 2 Pentel ColorTwin (Caps), here I am using ACT caps but Nora uses CT ;
– 2 Pilot Airblanc (Grips) ;
– 1 or 2 Ohto Needle Point (Grips) ;
– 1 or 2 Pilot Dr.grip (Grip-s) ;
– 2 Uniball Signo (Tips) ;
– 1 Random thin grip. Nora thinks it’s from Zebra hyperjell.

Tutorial :

1- Empty your PC2 and keep only the barrel and cap without clip
12-Cut your airblanc grips at 9mm from the lip
23- Cut your Needle point grip for 13mm (chose the side)
34- Cut your DGG for 25mm (the half of one grip)
45- Cut 2 blocks of the thin grip of 10mm
56- Put grips on this order :
Above the CT cap : airblanc > needle point > DGG
Put Signo tip into the thin grip and put it into the top of CT cap.
67- Put caps on the barrel and check the COG. 🙂

A short video from Nora with this mod :

[Tutorial] Menowa* KT

20,5 centimeters for 18 grams

Hello 🙂

I will explain you how to make the Menowa* KT. I found the tutorial on his blog >here<
I don’t understand Japanese. If you see I did errors, don’t hesitate to tell me on comments below, thanks 🙂

Stuff needed :
0– 1 Crayola Supertip (Barrel) ;
– 2 Pentel ColorTwin (2 Caps, 1 Backcap) ;
– 2 Sailor (Grips) ;
– 2 Zebra Airfit (Tips) ;
– 1 or 2 Anyball (Grip : 2×1 blocks) ;
– 2 Zebra Tect (4 plastic rings) Here I’m using regular o-rings ;
Menowa* doesn’t know if the backcap is from PC2 or CT. I will use CT for the tutorial.

Tutorial :

1- Keep 2×1 blocks of Anyball grip. I am using the last from the right on the picture (the bigger one). I don’t know which block Menowa* uses for his mod.
12- Put grips and tip as shown below :
3- Cut the front of the ST
34- Put Zebra plastic rings on the barrel and the CT backcap.
45- Put the caps on the barrel and check the COG of the mod. 🙂

Video from Menowa* :

Mesi G3 mod V2 tutorial

mesiv2This Mesi G3 mod v2 was made by MJerry. All credits go to him.


First JeB penmod tutorial on my website, the Mesi v2 ! I found it on >Mesi’s blog<, so I think it’s the legit one 🙂

12 grams
20 centimeters

  • Stuff needed :
    – 1 Pilot plastic G3 (Backcap, barrel, tip, grip, inktube)
    – 1 Pilot Frixion [ the one with white barrel and tinted cap ] (Cap, rubber grip)
    – 3 Zebra D-1K (Grips) : only findable in Japan, try to trade with JeB people. Otherwise, you can sub it to Anyball grips
    – 1 Metallic Gel (Tip)
    – 1 Zebra Hyperjell (Grip)
    – 1 Sakura BallSign (Backplug)
    – 1 Hybrid Fine / Hybrid Gel Grip (Tip)
    – A small random grip (?)


  • Tutorial :

– Cap, part A :

  1. Put G3 backcap and Frixion rubber grip together like below :
    2. Add a G3 4 stripes grip above the step 1. Don’t forget to cut the grip like that :


– Cap, Part B :

  1. Empty all the Frixion cap.
  2. Put the BallSign backplug into the top of Frixion cap and cut the backplug until to get that :

2011090620174767fSo, the black part on the top is a small part of BallSign backplug

3. Take the G3 inktube and keep only the grey part :


4. Then, put it on the top of Frixion cap :


– Cap, part C :

  1. Put the step 1 and the Hyperjell grip together like that :


2. Put this package grips into Frixion cap


– Barrel, front part :

1. Prepare the G3 front as all G3 mod (remove grip, the 8 small plastic squares and file the ruffle just near the tip)

2. Put G3 tip > Metallic gel tip > HGG tip


3. Add D-1K 15 stripes grips on the front : 5 red stripes > 4 black stripes > 6 red stripes


4. Add 2 red stripes and 4 black stripes of D-1K on the Frixion cap. (I am not sure about this step)

5. Put an insert into the barrel and put Frixion cap on the back of the G3. You have finished ! 🙂

Short combo with this mod, from Mesi.