Vôre-Tèx G-3 mod

Hi !

I present you my current personal g3 mod, inspired from Di*Vain g-3 mod. Thank you Vain !
I will make a tutorial of this one soon. I am very proud of it because the way to make it is really interesting in my opinion. It does not need rare parts and is simple to make.

15.4 grams, 20 centimeters and balanced


See you soon for the tutorial !

Seven G-3 mod Bubblicious ver.

Yes, it’s a Seven G-3 mod.
I made it for a fellow penspinner, Neytiiri.

If someone ask me what I like on PenModding, I reply them “Being free to my thoughts and my choices and assume these.”
The Seven g3 mod is a very old single cap mod, but people keep to make it with the same colors and the same insert. Making the same mod with the same colors and same inserts are boring myself.

I am proud of this one, because I like the aesthetic and looks better than the original. I’ve used a tinted g3 barrel with bubblicious inserts ; tinted barrel with colorful insert is really interesting. Thank you to Shiro who inspired me about that.

Meves [JEB] penmods

I’ve made the last week Meves penmods : Motsuun pen and his g3 mod. It’s short and medium weight mods. G3 mod is about 14gr and 19.5cm long. It’s actually my favorite single cap mod.

There are very good mod for those who like light and short mods. I advise you to try these ones.

Here is the insert used for his g3 mod




The motsuun pen tutorial is below

And the g3

FLARE Vain G-3

Hello !

This mod above was invented by Vain [JEB], used for Sephirot and JapEn 12th. The legit color is blue, mine here is full black. The stuff used to make it is quite rare, you need for example Needle point grip, Jimnie cap or Hybrid gel roller tip.

It’s a really nice g-3 mod, 19.5 cm long and 13.5 grams. If you like light G-3 mod, I guess you’ll like this one.

You can find below the japanese video tutorial (should make an english one soon on youtube too)