Stick wood mod


22.2 centimeters for 26.5 grams

I am so happy to present you this mod ! It’s made of wood, manufactured by Koja, a nice guy from America, Ohio. And modded from me. I’ve added orings, drgrip and metal brass ring.
As I said, the mod is made of wood with dye (here green, but can be red or other colors) and small brass weights are on extremities inside the wood, with small “K” on it.

Here are his contacts :
His website :
His instagram :
Go follow him ! 😀

Thank you Koja for this amazing mod <3

Key3 G3 mod


Yay ! I after all these double capped, here is finally a single capped ! Key3 g3 mod tek version ! 😀

TEK is my main reference for modding since I’ve started. You can find all his penmods (made before 2010 !) on his photobucket account here >click<  You will find many single capped and many writable mods. After all these years, I think I’m still a newbie near him.

I really like this mod with these colors. You can find the insert here


[Tutorial] Legit Menowa* reimei

Hello !

Today I will show you how to make the legit menowa* reimei mod 🙂

The one at the bottom

You can find his tutorial >here< on his blog.

Stats : 20 centimeters for less than 18 grams

Stuff used :
– 2 muji reimei (1 Barrel, 2 smooth caps)
– 1 Rikota highlighter (2 caps) | can be sub by thin supermagic+ caps
– 6 Zebra Tect 2way (6 metal rings) | can be sub by penzgear rings
– 2 2BALLpen&SHARPpen (2 grips) | can be sub by Zebra Z-grip
– 2 Pilot Supergrip (2 grips)
– 2 Piot G3 (2 baclplug) : it’s optional stuff
– 4 Anyball grips


Tutorial :

1- Empty your reimei barrel and keep the 2 smooth caps.

2- Take your 2ballpen&sharppen and cut as shown. Keep the smooth part.2 3 – Put these smooth parts on reimei caps as shown.
3 4- Keep the 2 caps of the Rikota marker.
4 5- Keep backplugs from Pilot G3
5 6- Keep the 6 metallic rings from Tect pencil. Disassemble them like that:
6 7 7- Push Rikota caps on the top of Reimei caps.
8 8- Cut black anyball grips as shown. Keep the 5 blocks section.
9 9- Cut your supergrip grip as shown.
10 10- Put anyball grips and supergrip grips as shown.
11 11- Fix G3 backplug on Zebra rings and put it into supergrip grip.
12 13 12- Put the rest of anyball grips as shown, and put an insert on reimei barrel.
15Put caps on the barrel, you have finished ! 🙂