Special mod – Alumilix


After 5 months of waiting, I am very happy to share you this mod, called Alumilix. 🙂

I had this idea 6 months ago and asked to a specialist for making me a special barrel. Barrel is made of alumilite resine from this >website<

The person who made me it, is called ScriptoriumPens ; you can follow his works >here< and his website >here<

Now, some caracteristics :

Barrel lenght : 19.8 cm

Barrel diameter : 11.5 mm

Barrel feeling : looks like to an old m&m

Mod weigth : 31.75 grams

Mod lenght 22 cm

Menowa* Emboss Mod – Black & Red


20.5 centimeters

22.9 grams

Yeah, again and again and again.

I am really happy about this mod, because of the colorful barrels. I found them on a french store called “Monoprix”. About barrel, 7.8 cm long and 11.5mm of diameter. 0.5mm more than normal emboss, but it’s a good fake. 🙂

12 differents colors for this sub emboss :