Merry Christmas everybody ! Thank you very much for reading my blog 🙂

Here is a special mod for SpinnerPeem ; the winner of WT09.

He gave me some constraints about it : he invented the BusterCYL when he was 13 yo. Actually he is 21. He asked me to make a mod which represents him now. And a writable pen mod. Also, a white or grey for colors. Nothing else.

Soooo, a pen mod better than BusterCYL (then for powertricks) and writable. Is it possible ? Yes. I believe.

Caracteristics are :

About 32 grams

About 24 centimeters

Spin area is the same than Ivan mod

Diameter barrel is like emboss, 11 millimeters

Enjoy it !

Telescopic Firefly Mod


I remade this amazing mod invented by Tek, an old Asian pen modder (for me the best ever). You can check his Photobucket >here<

It’s basically a Firefly G3 mod, but with RSVP barrel and Zebra Telescopic barrel. Usually used Tornado grip because ZT and RSVP barrels are heavy together.

It’s a strong and very good mod 🙂

22.3 grams

20.5 centimeters


Personal Pen Modding Dr.KT


Here is my personal pen modding dr.kt.

Actually people love heavy and long mods. But dr.kt is considerated now as a light mod for most of them. That’s why I’ve wanted to revisit this old famous mod for powertrickers.

It’s a bit heavier and longer than normal dr.kt :

21.5 grams

23 centimeters

Spin area : 10.2 centimeters

How to make it ? It’s very simple.

_Put thin grip into caps (about 5mm) in order to have the whole barrel to spin ;

_Put Profile grips over ~17 stripes of sailor grips on the caps

If you make it, I hope you will like it ! 🙂