[Tutorial] Legit Menowa* reimei

Hello !

Today I will show you how to make the legit menowa* reimei mod 🙂

The one at the bottom

You can find his tutorial >here< on his blog.

Stats : 20 centimeters for less than 18 grams

Stuff used :
– 2 muji reimei (1 Barrel, 2 smooth caps)
– 1 Rikota highlighter (2 caps)
– 6 Zebra Tect 2way (6 metal rings)
– 2 2BALLpen&SHARPpen (2 grips)
– 2 Pilot Supergrip (2 grips)
– 2 Piot G3 (2 baclplug)
– 4 Anyball grips


Tutorial :

1- Empty your reimei barrel and keep the 2 smooth caps.

2- Take your 2ballpen&sharppen and cut as shown. Keep the smooth part.2 3 – Put these smooth parts on reimei caps as shown.
3 4- Keep the 2 caps of the Rikota marker.
4 5- Keep backplugs from Pilot G3
5 6- Keep the 6 metallic rings from Tect pencil. Disassemble them like that:
6 7 7- Push Rikota caps on the top of Reimei caps.
8 8- Cut black anyball grips as shown. Keep the 5 blocks section.
9 9- Cut your supergrip grip as shown.
10 10- Put anyball grips and supergrip grips as shown.
11 11- Fix G3 backplug on Zebra rings and put it into supergrip grip.
12 13 12- Put the rest of anyball grips as shown, and put an insert on reimei barrel.
15Put caps on the barrel, you have finished ! 🙂

Personal penmods

Hey, here are some of my personal mods, inspired from famous mods (emboss, comssa, waterfall). Enjoy these !


21cm / 15.75 grams
Tips : hgg and pilot juice up
caps : donga and pinsocolor barrel above it

vtcsI love so much these grips <3
vtembossMade this one for a fellow french penspinner 🙂
vtwaterfall21.3cm / 18 grams
My version of the clear waterfall mod <3

Menowa* reimei [original and replica)


Hey !

I am proud to show you this picture ! There are 2 mods : the one at the bottom is the original designed by Menowa* (from his tutorial on his blog, I will make a translation soon for you) and the one at the top is my replica version.
For the replica version, all the stuff is fake but not the barrel (old muji) because I didn’t find a good pen to sub it – Its diameter is ~10.5mm (between ST and emboss) and the marker has specific caps – and supergrip and anyball because it’s easy to find them.

stats :
original : 17.9 grams and 20cm
replica : 18.55 grams and 20 cm
The same length and less than 1 gram heavier !

Ivan Giotto [with bullet tips]


Hello !

Did you remember my series about Bullet mod ? with one mod per color, some months ago. I did the same here, but with Ivan giotto !

27 grams and about 22-23cm each. 12mm for diameter

To make it, you have to use 2 Giotto turbo maxi barrel and modify these like an ivan mod. Cut the front tip and link each side with Giotto backplug.
Tips are from bullet tip.

I’m very proud of this series because I did each mod with each color of giotto 12 pack.

I am selling these too, don’t hesitate to contact me ! 🙂

Ivabra mod [Legit version]


Hello !

Finally 1 year after researching Lil hands, I finally found them ! The barrel feeling is very nice, similar to the old m&m ! very smooth barrel.
Grips are from beifa, donga caps and Airfit tips.

17.5 grams
21 centimeters (for mine, but it can be 20.5cm like the ivabra one)

I am selling these, if you are interested ! You can contact me where you want (Instagram, UPSB, FPSB, Facebook, etc)